J.Clyde Management: Inspired.  Insightful.  Selective. Solid.  

Inspired.  At J. Clyde Management, we’re dedicated to maximizing the innovative ideas and talents of unique individuals.  We specialize in the representation of artists, entertainers, and business owners to provide next-level business acumen for meeting the individual needs of our clientele.  

You’re the inspiration for the work we do.

Insightful.  The team at J. Clyde Management takes an insightful approach for driving results.  As strategic planners and problem solvers, we match keen intuition with defined knowledge to advance your success.  Our team is diverse; we enlist a global network of partners to assist with the implementation of our strategies.  

Together, our reach expands across all facets of entertainment, fashion and sports.

Selective.  A core objective of J. Clyde Management is to work with clients who value integrity, dedication, and collaborative teamwork.  To advance your unique brand and aspirations, we raise the bar in our effort to deliver ethical results for you. 

We aim to get things right, by doing things right.

Solid.  The foundation of J. Clyde Management is anchored in its association with one of California’s leading investment firms, Wornel Simpson.  J. Clyde Management operates independently, yet earns its reputation as a well-established part of the Wornel Simpson family of owned and operated businesses. 

Our clients, and their families, will always be our priority.

What else?  

  • Management of brand identity and awareness.
  • On-going counsel for purposes of business management, marketing and event planning.
  • Contract, endorsement and/or settlement reviews.
  • Specialized legal counsel recommendations.