Kennedy Carmela is a gifted songstress, with a voice that catches the ear. Her lyrics offer the gift of storytelling, and with that, she captures the imagination. Combined, Kennedy Carmela delivers timely messages with each song she sings.

At 11 years of age, Kennedy was keen on advancing her singing and songwriting gifts. She studied the piano and began acting with the Sacramento Theatre Company. After her key role in a local theatre production, Kennedy was approached and offered representation by a Los Angeles-based talent agency. A meeting with a talent representative in her hometown of Sacramento followed. In pursuit of her artistic goals, she was advised that she should re-locate to southern California to advance a professional singing career. After a series of follow-up meetings in Los Angeles, Kennedy determined that it was not yet her time to shine that bold and brightly.

It was back to family, friends and studies… it was back to college for Kennedy. Majoring in Cultural Anthropology, Kennedy has given serious measure to her studies. She has had the opportunity to study in Florence, Italy, and has visited other European countries while living abroad. These experiences have distinctly shaped her global perspective and profoundly influences her song writing.

While in college, Kennedy has continued to write new lyrics and record new songs. She co-wrote a locally popular song, Mind Games, with her roommate, Breaunna Alston. However, it still wasn’t “her time,” but the songwriting continued.

Fast forward to present day, 2020. Kennedy has delivered her most impressive set of lyrics to date… Change.

Bold and bright?


Currently, Kennedy is working to advance her professional music career under the guidance of famed producer, Derek “DOA” Allen. The song, Change, showcases Kennedy’s promise as no other has yet to do… she is ready to make this her time.

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